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So coming back to school is always annoying, I have to move myself back in and help Boyrax move all his stuff back in, and top of it I decided to learn to cook. BUT I WAS PRODUCTIVE AND MADE A QUICHE.

I used this recipe off of Budget Bytes, except we did not have feta, parmesan, or mozarella. I replaced it with cheddar instead which was fine! Also apparently we don't have a colander, Boyrax says we threw it out last year (??) because we never used it (????????), so I had to drain the spinach sub-optimally which meant it was still a little watery, but not that much! It came out super good and now we have leftovers. Plus tomorrow I'm going to cook some shoulder roast we bought, shred it, and stuff it into potatoes! I'm so excited! Here is our dinner, Boyrax and I split an ear of locally grown corn to go with it:


In other productive news, my dorm is now filled with all my crap even though my roommate won't be here until Sunday, Boyrax's furniture is like 60% moved into his apartment, we got a free Tempurpedic mattress, and I did all the dishes from dinner instead of leaving them to do later! In a bit we're going to go shopping for more supplies/necessities/A COLANDER, and I'm strongly considering visiting the indoor tennis court in Boyrax's apartment tomorrow and hitting a ball against the wall for a few hours. :)

I just needed to share because I already bragged to Boyrax enough but I'm not done being proud of myself! I'm ready for my adult trophy now.

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