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Welcome To The Bitchery

So my fiance is really objectively handsome and gets hit on in front of me fairly often. One incident really stuck with me, and I remember this person and will hate her forever for being so rude to me and hitting on him so aggressively while we were holding hands and after I'd been introduced as his girlfriend. We saw her tonight. My fiance had no idea who she was, but I recognized her immediately when she pointed at him... so she then proceeded to FOLLOW US around this bar. My fiance and I were mostly dancing together. She waited until I was turned talking to a friend and then started talking to my fiance: "Do you remember me?" He didn't. I hadn't pointed her out because I thought that if he made eye contact, she would come over. She was so rude - our friend was hitting on her, and within 15 seconds of him giving her an opening into our group, she had turned her body entirely away from him and was talking to my fiance. I gave her the death eyes, and she said, "Ooook, this is REALLY awkward. I'm going to go now." YES, PLEASE DO.

I have written about this woman on groupthink before because she was SO RUDE the first time I met her. She ran her hands down his abs and said they should hang out. He'd just introduced me as his girlfriend seconds before and was like, "uhhhh what is happening?" So she left then, too. He knows her because he was her camp counselor, and she told him she wanted him to take her virginity when she was 14 and he was 18. He had to tell the camp he didn't want to be around her because she said such inappropriate sexual things to him. He doesn't recognize her when we see her (and we do, occasionally), but I sure a shit do because she made such a negative impression on me. I wish I couldn't care, but every time I see her, I freak out and yell about how she's such a bitch and I HATE HER SO MUCH. I logically understand that we are engaged and he never even dated this person, but emotionally, I think she's the worst and she makes me want to throw up.


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