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I was supposed to have a date today...

But he bailed on me.

I suppose I should have known better. Here's how I know this guy: we met at a mutual friend's party (actually my ex boyfriend) and had a one night stand. This was 5 years ago. About a year and a half ago I found him on OKC and said, "hello, I believe I know you." We started chatting, and were making plans to hang out. The day came and he "had a cold" so we had to cancel. Boo. Over the last year we chatted occasionally and made plans once more, which he had to cancel because he "got a flat tire". That was a few months ago. We started chatting again earlier this month and decided to have a picnic at a nearby giant awesome park. We couldn't coordinate our schedules and then the weather wouldn't cooperate, so we decided on today. I even went out of my way to purchase and prepare some picnic food (cranberry pecan chicken salad, asian kale salad and hummus and carrots.)

Then this afternoon comes along, and he texts me and said that he just woke up right before we were supposed to meet and would be "a little late." He lives about an hour away, so I asked him to text me when he was leaving his house so that I would know when to be ready. I have not heard anything yet, and that was almost 6 hours ago.


At first I was like, "fuck this guy, he's an idiot!" But now i'm mad, and sad. Why would you make plans with someone just to bail at the last minute without any notice especially if you know the person went to a lot of trouble making picnic food? Why does this guy keep chatting with me and trying to make plans if he clearly has no intention of following through with them? Why do people do this? WWWWWWWWWWHHYYYYYYY?! Christ you guys, I'm so pissed.

No more guys. No more OKCupid. No more plans, ever. I hate everyone. Well, except you guys. So now I'm busy gorging on the "picnic" food. But it's not making me feel better, because I was supposed to be in a gorgeous park enjoying the natural setting and interesting conversation while eating it.

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