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I was thinking about this when I was watching New Girl

On many predominately white ensemble sitcoms, there is always room for only one person of color, who in terms have no other friends who are people of color. Now there are exceptions (Community, The Office) but not a ton. So I was happy to see that they introduced Coach back and had many scenes of him and Winston bonding with them both having their own character arc, including Coach's friendship with Cece (who I know is also a person of color). But you know, it stands out because it seems unusual on network television, to be perfectly honest, which is too bad.

So what I wondered was whether there was a need for a Racial Bechdel test because it seems like white writers* don't want to write stories about People of Color, who interact with other people of Color without referencing a white person (if that makes sense).


PS. Also Winston is fucking hilarious. Weird, especially in a way that I think GT would like and getting funnier than Schmidt.

ETA: Yes, and part of the problem are too many white writers to the exclusion of others.

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