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I Wasn't Clear

In my last few posts about my friend.

I didn't roll into her house bawling and talking about my problems. It was her birthday, I wouldn't do that.

I texted her during the afternoon asking what she was up to tonight for her birthday. She sadly replied that she had no plans and was sitting home drinking alone. I asked if she wanted company and she happily said yes. I cancelled my plans with Consort to go see her for her birthday.


The second I walked in the door, she started Skyping with her boyfriend and ignored me. If she had plans to do this, all she had to do was tell me. Even if she just said "I'm having a Skype date with boyfriend tonight but I'd love for you to join," that would have been fine. But no, she made it out like she had no one and no plans. In reality, she had previously established plans to Skype with him and watch American Horror Story.

Then, she started talking to me about her life and situation and I empathized. I did not bring up my problems. I had a smile on the entire time. She eventually asked me how I was, and I started telling her. I didn't want to cuz I knew it would make me upset, but she pushed me to open up and talk. So I talked about arguing with Consort, the money problems, selling my childhood home, etc. I started getting teary during it.

Once I started getting teary, she turned back to her boyfriend and ignored me. She eventually turned back to me and told me to stop being upset and to cheer up. And, sure enough, I swallowed my tears and did.

Please, you guys. I know I'm possible depressed. I know I'm stressed and sad. But I'm not an asshole.

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