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So, BabyNom looks exactly like Mr. Nom (except he's blonde). A mini-me if ever there was one. And Mr. Nom looks just like MILNom (source of the blonde). All three have the same exact eyes, lashes, cheeks, brows, chin, nose and freakin' ears. In other words, he is super-totes adorable and just happens to bear no physical resemblance to me whatsoever. Which is fine. Because then I can joke that I'm not sure he's actually mine.

But this morning, there he was, all 18-months of cute, having his Cheerios for breakfast. And what is he lit-trally saying between bites? "Mmm, nom nom nom nom nom. Mmmm nom nom nom nom nom."

Oh, yeah, there it is. My genes finally showed up.


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