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I Went On My First OKCupid Date And I Didn't Get Axe Murdered

To be honest, it was kind of.... AWESOME!

So the guy I mentioned earlier this week? The positively perfect one? Well we met up at a rugby match he was playing in. (His team lost :/) I spotted him early on, but I didn't want to try to do an introduction in the middle of the game (he came off the field halfway through) and also CONFIDENCE! I had none.


But after the game I took a deep breath and approached him and he was really nice and we chatted for a bit, then I suggested we go get some ice cream or something and chat some more. He was down, but neither of us had eaten so we ended up splitting a pizza and talking about how he was finding life in Trinidad and how he was adjusting, and each of our perspectives on T&T vs. the US etc. Basic, non offensive stuff, but it was still fun.

After that though we decided we still wanted ice cream so we ended up hopping over to the ice cream parlour and chatting some more. We were together for THREE HOURS and there wasn't even ONE awkward silence! I can't even begin to explain what an accomplishment that is for me! Lol. It was so much fun and he was easy to talk to. Holy shit we talked about gun control on a first date and didn't end up arguing! (Yea I know... weird conversation choice....) But IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! At one point I even felt kinda stupid because I could feel myself grinning like an idiot. It was that good.

All in all, I had fun, I didn't get axe murdered, and I think I left a good impression. I think he likes me too? Or at least finds me intriguing? I dunno. But it was WAY more easy, enjoyable and fun than I expected, and I can't wait to see him again!


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