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I went to a meeting today

I went to one of my activism group’s annual meetings, and a few things happened.

1) I totally wore the wrong shoes and didn’t realize we were ending with a march.


2) This is the second time this week someone has asked to take a picture of my hair. This makes me wonder if other people are photographing the back of my head without asking first.

3) Look who came and made a speech! HELLO, DEPUTY CHAIR ELLISON! WELCOME HOME!

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Mr. B didn’t join me because he didn’t want to wake up early to attend, he’s been kicking himself all day after I told him about who was there. Literally almost every progressive local elected official and candidate showed up to meet with activists. It was incredibly empowering to see an activism group with positive ties to politicians. Ellison was the only one who gave a speech and Ilhan Omar opened up one of the smaller breakout workshops, the rest of them were there to listen and learn just like the rest of us.

Politicians of other states, take note! This is how you make changes and connect with your communities!

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