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Welcome To The Bitchery


I went to my daughter's PTA meeting. I remembered it just before I was about to take a nap. >:|


It was the usual(Charter school ). She is a few grades ahead in maths, and we all are still trying to fit her in a new grade for that cause she is too young for further maths concepts.

English, other subjects, languages: normal.

The real kicker is the science teacher:

Apparently she, without any authorization or need bumped my daughter up a grade, essentially making her skip a grade. She has been barely passing these few months. Why? It would be an useful experiment.


Yeah. I realised it when I went to meet the science teacher for her grade, and I was told to wait.She was in the next grade class >:||||

I went to the principal, and by the end of november her grades would be sorted out. She did well, now that I think about it. She was given appropriate grade worthy homework projects, though. WHY? THE PRINCIPAL WAS CONFUSED TOO.


I have been assured that teacher wouldn't be teaching like that any longer. And my daughter might not be the only one. There were a few people behind me, too I think but I don't remember now.

Also, my daughters and my wife smell very gooood. Because they haven't showered in 2 days. They will though.As soon as they wake up, one by one.>:|

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