Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I went to the kitten spa

I have a fellow. He is the best fellow. He knows I am fighting my way through finals, and he is very supportive. And so, when a neighbor of his said that she was fostering seven kittens and would anyone like to come see them, he said YES YES YES. And then he called me up and said:

"Wanna go to the kitten spa?"

We went tonight, and sat on the floor with seven bouncy, squirmy, squeaky, enthusiastic 5 week old kittens. There was one full-on marmie, two calicos, two greys (one with white socks), two marmie-and-creams, and a little brown tabby. They. Were. So. Damn. Cute.


I feel much better now! I will do homework tonight with a good will and a light heart.

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