I am 100% Team Dog, and most days I feel like we're pulling ahead. I'm reasonably certain my dog would wait at least twice as much time as a cat would to start eating my face if I were to die alone in my apartment, and that is as little as it takes to win my affections.

But damn it, Team Cat. You got me. Because recently, reddit learned about this:

A program called Book Buddies where elementary kids pair up with cats from a local animal shelter and read books to them - this helps the kids work on their reading skills and helps the poor little kitties get some love and attention.

A few more of my favorite pictures are below, or check out their website for more amazingness. After reddit picked up the story, the Animal Rescue League that runs the program also saw a huge influx of donations coming in, so there is just all sorts of joy and squee and happiness all around.


So if anyone is wondering what the huge puddle under my desk is, it's where the INTERNET JUST MELTED MY HEART.