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So sayeth the tree removal service owner. He said yesterday he had no work for today so could come and remove two trees.

9am Me: Its nine where is he?

My mother: Don’t know

9:15 Me: He is late. Its 9:15

My mother: I know. He should have been here.

9:30am Me: Its. 9:30. He did say 8:30 to 9am today?

My mother: Yes he wanted to come today since he had no other jobs.

9:45 Me: Its 9:45 this is getting annoying.

My mother: I know. I am giving him to ten before I call.

10am My mother: I am calling him. No answer left a voice message.

10:15 My mother: I am going up to finish gettng ready tyen we will leave.

10:30 Me: Good you are down. I waited for him. Going up to go to the bathroom.

10:40 Me: Now to take out bf and gf to pee.

10:45 My mother: I called to cancel we can have them removed in the fall.

Did he call? Nope. Own a business and going to be late. CALL the customer. Its not hard. Oh looking at reviews guess what? It happened to another customer.


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