Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So sayeth the tree removal service owner. He said yesterday he had no work for today so could come and remove two trees.

9am Me: Its nine where is he?

My mother: Don’t know

9:15 Me: He is late. Its 9:15

My mother: I know. He should have been here.

9:30am Me: Its. 9:30. He did say 8:30 to 9am today?

My mother: Yes he wanted to come today since he had no other jobs.

9:45 Me: Its 9:45 this is getting annoying.

My mother: I know. I am giving him to ten before I call.

10am My mother: I am calling him. No answer left a voice message.

10:15 My mother: I am going up to finish gettng ready tyen we will leave.

10:30 Me: Good you are down. I waited for him. Going up to go to the bathroom.

10:40 Me: Now to take out bf and gf to pee.

10:45 My mother: I called to cancel we can have them removed in the fall.

Did he call? Nope. Own a business and going to be late. CALL the customer. Its not hard. Oh looking at reviews guess what? It happened to another customer.

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