Have you fine people seen this article? It makes some good points about not needing to wash all clothes on warm—I wash most of my clothes on cold and a lot of them I hang to dry on a little folding rack that consumes my whole kitchen, because they are irritatingly too fragile for the dryer. And bras get their special bra treatment. But sheets, towels, underwear, and anything else of that nature? HOT WATER OR BUST. Look, maybe I’m just “doing it wrong” and I need to buy special detergent for cold water and do a bunch of extra special work cleaning out my washing machine, as one commenter suggested doing. (Please!) But my tiny apartment has a microscopic combo washer/dryer, one which is terrible ar drying and not much better at washing. When I want something clean, I wash it hot! My alternative is to go to the laundromat (I do this to wash my comforter, or rarely when I have a ton of laundry all piled up). I can’t exactly go in their machines and make sure they are properly cleaned out of soap residue inside or whatever.

As to the economic point—I buy bargain-ish detergent. Not Tide, which I grew up having my mother use. Could I afford fancy detergents with enzymes in them? Maybe? But it seems like an extravagance. I know it’s easy for me to say that when I don’t pay separately for water, so how much it gets heated doesn’t factor into my bills. Even though I don’t pay (well I guess it’s averaged into all our rents?), it’s still impacting the environment.

But I will never ever wash my whites on cold. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I FEEL IRRATIONALLY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS.

Oh also, there’s someone on that thread who mentioned pre-washing dishes before they go in the dishwasher. Has this person never lived with less than perfect dishwashers? Mine will leave stuff behind if I don’t at least give plates a rinse first. I don’t scrub them with soap but I do rinse them off.


What are your thoughts?