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Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled I Will NOT Hyperventilate, I Will NOT Hyperventilate

I have my second lab practical for Anatomy and Physiology today and, well, it's an alarming amount of material. All the muscles, the neuron, the spinal cord and the brain. That's all, no big fucking deal! And my final lecture exam is tomorrow! And I need to get A's on both of them to maintain my A in the class. No pressure.

Also, did you know that the muscle the raises your eyebrows is on the back of you head? True story. And all your insides look alien.


This has convinced me once and for all that there is no god. There was definitely NOT an intelligent designer... a NJ civil engineer could have done a better job (and I don't think so highly of them, they get my fist shaken at them on the daily).

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