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@#$*@#$* I Will Not Listen to you Complain

My horrible neighbours are moving away (yay!) - the ones that are always screaming and fighting with each other. They want to meet with the condo board (which I am unfortunately on) before they move.

First, they were insisting that we have our annual owner meeting *before* they left - they were really great with giving advanced notice (/sarcasm)and asked us last Tuesday if we could have the meeting this week. We have a property management company and they need two weeks notice so they can get everything organised properly and make sure they are available (since the meetings fall outside regular business hours). So we said no obviously. Also, none of us who are on the board are available this week. Typically the meeting happens beginning of April, so that’s when its going to be,

Also, it makes more sense for the people who will be moving in to be at the meeting, since the decisions we make will affect them - not the people moving out.


Frankly, I don’t give a shit to hear about their opinions. I’ve had to put up with their yelling for 3+ years and the woman being horrible. I have no desire to sit with them while they basically infer that the condo board is doing a terrible job that isn’t up to their ridiculous standards. They were never willing to be on the board because they “didn’t have time”. So it’s always the same people on the board, basically those of us who are willing to do it, even though we have just as busy lives as everyone else. And we try our best, but people’s expectations is that they will get everything for nothing and we’re constantly trying to make them accept the reality of the situation.

(Example - a few of our owners (these people included) were expecting that our property managers would be able/willing to send our agents to a meeting this past Sunday with 4 days notice...it’s not an emergency or anything, just our regular ole meeting...because our agents don’t have lives or families or anything)


My colleague on the board offered up a phone call but that’s not good enough - they are insisting on a face to face meeting in person, because it’s hard to be two people on the phone - they have clearly never hear of speakerphone.

AAAAAARRRRRGGG. THEY ARE THE WORST! I can’t wait until they leave next week.

(FYI - part of the problem is our property management company. We were one of their first clients, so we have a stupid cheap rate with them. Thus we don’t get the greatest service from them. But what we pay them per year is HALF of what we would pay for accounting only services if we were a new client of theirs. So we’re stuck in this limbo again where a certain cluster of our owners expect sterling service for nothing and they all egg each other on....blarg....)

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