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I will not waste this gorgeous day, I swear

It is THE most amazingly gorgeous spring day today! It is a perfect 68 degrees with clear blue sunny skies, and everything is blooming everywhere. This time of year (and autumn) is why I love living out in the country. The city has nothing on the view I can see out my window right now.

My plan for the day is to get our front porch ready for summer porch parties. Late last year we had all the 40-year-old porch railings taken down and replaced, so now they're pretty and sturdy and freshly painted and you can sit on them without worrying. We have a fresh green pretty new roof on the house and the driveway is freshly re-graveled. I am going to hose off all the dirt and spiderwebs that accumulated over the winter, wipe down the furniture, and string up all my beloved summer lanterns. I have a case of mason jars, tons of antique colored glass glasses and a bag of tealights. We have cleaned and readied the grill, and I've got wine. If I'm still ambitious this afternoon I plan on rigging up some sort of sound system from inside so I can have music outside. So happy.


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