...cause words aren't coming out all hunky dory to describe all the feelings.

I've come to think of Groupthink as a place where I've begun to find my voice as a commenter. I still have a hesitancy towards commenting on Jez despite reading for the past four years, but here, I feel that it's a safe place. I can say something insanely stupid and, instead of being lambasted, the commentary is gently and/or firmly guiding towards a more open-minded thought process.

I also think Groupthink, out of all the sub-forums, is finding its own voice and order of doing things. I enjoy and appreciate that so much. New people are coming in that fit with that vibe, and I'm all for being all inclusive.

EXCEPT FOR THE DAMN TROLLS. We probably laid the way for a certain one with breadcrumbs and candy, but geeze.. I saw another take over quite a few threads. I'm absolutely ambivalent when it comes to engaging trolls on the mainpage. I find myself only glancing at Jez, now, and spending more and more of my time here because it offers more (to me at least,) so I don't much care how rampant the trolls are there. Here, however?

That's about it. I had to vent.