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Welcome To The Bitchery

I wish I was an anti-vaxxer right now

My husband and I saw a news report that the flu is the worst since 2009 and people are dying so we decided to get flu shots. We really didn't want to because he got sick last time he got one, and I have this thing that is stupid where I say that I never get the flu so why should I get the flu shot. I'm also worried that the sickness will happen to me as well because my immune system sucks.

So he got his yesterday and of course got sick again. I decided to get mine after work today, and also decided to get the Tdap because I'm pretty much due for Tetanus and last time I had it, it did not contain Pertussis. With the whooping cough going around, I thought it would be a good idea to be immunized against it.


I got one shot in each arm—I had her do the tetanus in my left arm since I knew it would hurt tomorrow and I need my right arm to be free of pain for work tomorrow. Guess what? Now they both hurt! And the Tdap made me want to vomit for awhile after it, and I'm probably not going to eat dinner. Fortunately I'm not feeling the yucky sick feelings that he's feeling, but honestly? I think he's being a baby.

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