The funny part is I haven't heard from him since he sent me a horrible Facebook message maybe a year ago. But he keeps popping up like an asshole spectre because every time somebody wants some money from him they get in touch with me.

We broke up almost four fucking years ago. And now the IRS is having a problem with me because I paid off the debt collectors who called me about the car he got repossessed. I co-signed for it, haha, I'm dumb. But now I owe the IRS for some debt forgiveness bullshit, I mean, what the fuck. This ex is like the ex that keeps on fucking me over.

And the REALLY funny part is that the last thing he said to me was, "roma, I'm not going to fuck you over."

Har dee fucking har har, asshole. So I know the IRS doesn't give a fuck about how I'm still shelling out dough for the guy who beat my ass for a year but I wrote them a note on the tax amendment form they sent me and they can come at me later for whatever cash I owe them but somebody's going to read what I said and that's what I want.


The pic might be too tiny to read but that's how I ended it. Fuck.