Update: I have the car packed with a lot of my crap and had went to BellaFellas apartment to feed fish. I was about to do a final walk through and notification appeared. Now I'll wait until tomorrow late morning!

I don’t want to wait until 4am to know whether the federal government is going to be closed tomorrow. What is normally a 2 hour drive will be at least a 3 hour drive. I wanted to get out of here before the sun started to go down, but I don’t think that’s happening either as shoveling snow earlier and gathering things around the house has kicked my ass.

If they would be awesome and just make the decision now, that would be much appreciated! If it’s anything except closed, I have to report downtown at 7:45am. While I know I would have a shuttle.... I’d like to know if I can sleep here tonight or take a white-knuckle drive over to DC from here.

Talk amongst yourselves!