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I wish religious rhetoric would change to this:

I get it. According to some faiths, homosexuality is a sin. I’m sure it’s true. Sin is a made up, faith-based concept so it totally follows that homosexuality could count as one (along with half the things I do any given weekend). What is always the hypocritical part is how so many sins are forgiven except for this one. How sinners are supposed to be invited in and treated as equals, because we are all sinners.


I must have done a great job weeding out my Facebook feed, because I’m seeing nothing offensive about today’s big ruling. The closest I got was the screenshotted FB post seen here.

(interjection: I am an atheist!)

Much of my family is very conservative and very Christian, but I have always maintained they are not assholes. They tend to get easily fooled by idiotic right-wing rhetoric, but they never have fit that mold of *hating* on poors, or gays, or single women or pregnant teenagers. They have plenty of misguided, incorrect thoughts, but they are never borne of hatred of others - just ignorance. They, like so many conservative citizens, I assume, want the same things for everyone but believe there is a better (read: extremely incorrect) way of going about it. For them, it’s a matter of education but not malice.

Republicans today, as we all know, preach malice.

I was pleasantly surprised (and somewhat relieved) to see my uncle share the shown post on Facebook. Again, I disagree with like, all of it, but I think about what would happen if this was what we were up against, rather than what we are truly up against. This is different than Republicanism. Republican platforms do almost nothing that lines up with Christianity, and I really hope that Christians come to know that more and more. I want the Southern Strategy to stop working, I want the Religious Right to disappear.


My family members, if we were to use them as representative examples of conservative people, have been coming around to the prospect of gay marriage for quite some time. I mean, these are SUPER conservative people. But they know gay people. They see them on TV. They kind of don’t care what they do. They probably pray for them. They probably pray for me, haha. I hope there are more like that, who will see, very clearly, that the prominent Republican Mouths are bad. They are bad fucking people and they are on the wrong side of history and they do not want the best for the greater good.

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