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I wish to acquire some assets in the form of Kitty

This cat, he has stolen my hardening heart and made it soft and pliable again, not unlike Playdoh that was left out in the sun.

My temporary roommate is thinking of getting rid of him, and I really don't want her to. We have bonded over the last three weeks. We watch Dexter together. He watches me cook. He wakes me up in the morning by gently nudging my leg with his paw, almost like saying "dude...I know it's early, but...you need to get up. You've got that thing to do. Plus there's food to be eaten."

Anyway, roommate feels like she can't pay enough attention to him, because she works 70 hours a week. I think I'm bonding with this fellow though, I really want to keep him if my future arrangements will allow it.


Also, his name is Mortimer. Mr. Mort for short.

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