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A couple of months ago I participated in Jillian Powers’ I Woke Up Like This (IWULT) project [NSFW] here in Denver. It’s all about body positivity and sharing stories about our bodies. She hasn’t posted my personal story yet, but the shoot was very positive and a fun experience.

She’s planning a trip to California to do more nude portraits of women who just woke up, and to interview them for her book. She can’t afford the trip on her own though. She has a Go Fund Me page set up to collect donations. If you want to participate, I highly encourage you to get in touch with Jillian. She’ll be doing shoots in the Tahoe, San Diego, and Los Angeles areas. I know that she wants to get a wider demographic of women, particularly older women and women of color.


If nothing else, just check out her project. It’s pretty cool.

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