Not at all flawless.

Queen Bey might be flawless all the time, but sometimes I wake up, like I did yesterday (though it rapidly got worse as the day went on), with the Cold From Hell Death Plague.

Apparently, it is going around. And apparently, it gets so bad that people have gone to the hospital thinking they had the flu.

I'm not ok with any of this guys. Why am I at work? Why am I not pitifully curled up on my couch hating the world and everything in it? Artificially caffeinating myself through the day in the hopes that I either get better or actually decide to take care of myself and stay home.


'Death warmed up' would be an appropriate descriptor.

Please, before anyone tells me all of their and their grandmother's cures for the common cold, please don't. Unless they're really funny. Funny is good. I can only take very limited medications, most of them are 'natural' remedies, and the fact that I can't just go to the fucking pharmacy and pick up some fucking cold medicine makes me feel even worse. I just needed to whine about it for a bit.