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In both a literal and figurative sense. (Longish story after the jump)

First of all, I met a guy who runs a company in town that's app development, and he said he had internship availabilities during the school year and job opportunities after I graduate and that he'd be interested in having me apply. So my goal of meeting local people that have tech jobs succeeded!


Then I found a guy that looked equally awkward at the start of the first day, started talking to him, and we became friends and ended up working on a team together with one other guy. We made a cross-platform app called Beacon, that uses geolocation to help you find your friends without giving them stalking capabilities like Find My Friends does (it has a password only you know that you give to people, and every password expires after 5 minutes). It was super fun to make and I'd never worked with an API before, so it was a super intense learning experience that worked out in the end. Not ALL the fuctionality is working at the moment - it doesn't turn off after five minutes and there are minor things to iron out like error handling and making sure people don't duplicate passwords. But it could be a functional product within a week.

We're one of the finalists! There were 14 entries, very few of them actually worked though. They won't tell us who won first prize yet ($1000 bucks for the team and an all-expense-paid trip to Dallas), but the guy who runs it has hinted to me multiple times that our team won. We'll find out on Friday, in a ceremony that idk if I can go to because it's in the middle of my one class that day. I emailed the professor to explain what's going on and my wish to skip, but I wanted to let him be able to say no because I missed a movie Wednesday night for my 21st birthday and I don't want to put him in an awkward place, you know? Also the guy who runs it was very excited about our app, to the point that he wrote code related to making it so you can text from the app (so you can text someone that your beacon is up and the password, I assume) and is going to send it to us and ask us to integrate it if we win and get to go to Dallas.

Then at the end of the Hackathon yesterday a woman walks up to me and says that they're looking for a member of one of the finalist teams to be interviewed on the local news, and she picked me out because I would be a good face for the Hackathon and it would be nice to have a woman as the coder featured. So I woke up at 6AM this morning, got myself all fancied up, and went to meet with the guy running the Hackathon at the news station to get interviewed and be on TV! He dropped another hint that we won first prize and now I'm back at my apartment debating whether or not it's too late to take a nap and if I want to and how I can make the app even BETTER and PRETTIER so I can release it on the store and maybe market it to places like zoos and amusement parks to make money off of it (permanent beacons in the area of the SD zoo telling you how to get to the big cats, for example).

Thank you so much kcunning, Mr. Gawn, snacktastic, story645, RuthSlayderGinsburg, rainbowdashcrash, lustdrunkwitch, bigdamnheroes, and AFarceToBeReckonedWith for being so supportive on my "THIS IS TERRIFYING" post! :) I'm psyched. This is already a super long post, but there's so much more I could say about all the things that happened and how much fun it was and detail every moment but I'M NOT DOING THAT.

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