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I work with a six foot tall toddler (venting/what would you do?)

So we hired this kid at my job. He’s 19 and I’m fairly certain this is his first job. It’s a small medical office so there hasn’t been a ton of formal training, the doctors have just pushed him onto the rest of us working there and expected us to train him as the days go by. but He doesn’t really have a concept of professionalism, he’s tone deaf, and spoiled as all get out. (white, we’re in a very affluent area, he drives a brand new subaru suv, etc etc)

Examples being: He doesn’t know when to joke around and when to zip it up and get to work. They will give him a small task and put him in the back office with one of our retail managers, and he will spend 4 hours doing something that could take 15-30 minutes because he won’t stop talking. If he finds something boring, he’ll complain about it non stop or quit half way through. I’ve also noticed that he’s all about dishing it out and ribbing people/picking on them jokingly, but the second you rib him back even slightly, he can’t take it and will get super defensive and butthurt. He can dish it out but he can’t take it, even in tiny amounts.


The things that pushed me over the edge today were as follows: 1. He’s a white kid and a rapper (already problematic). Today he said something along the lines of “I’m going to call (so and so) and tell him ‘come pick up yo contacts n**ga!’” I stopped him and said “Number one, you are not of the correct background/skin color to be saying that ever, period, and number two, you definitely, ABSOLUTELY cannot say that at work. Patients could come in and hear you.” Oh, but “it’s okay because I have a hip hop tattoo”. No, it’s not.

2. I asked him if he finished charts for tomorrow. He said he “finished them so hard he basically (insert term for past tense nonconsensual sex here) them.” I stopped what I was doing and said “Wow, I cannot believe you just said that, that is not okay.” But he laughs everything off because I’m a woman and it hasn’t gotten through his thick head that I’m his coworker and not his buddy or an audience member at his non stop one person comedy show.


I tried to get in to talk to the doctor that day and tell him what happened and the things that were said, but he stepped into a meeting and I had to leave for class. I’m planning on coming in early on my next shift and talking to him before anybody else gets there. I’m just really frustrated because it’s like...I’ve been setting boundaries with this kid and so he’s all pissy and huffy about me, and I know for a fact that he will hear anything I have to say better if it’s coming from one of the doctors, because they’re both dudes. Ultimately this kid’s feelings about me are unimportant, I don’t really care so long as my work environment stays safe and free of disgusting comments and crude jokes. I already know I can’t go to the office manager, because she babies him non stop, as he’s around the same age as her son, and she wouldn’t be upfront with him about what needs to change. (I’ve had to go to the doctor before with stuff like this and it’s been fine, I’m not really worried about going over her head. For being an office manager, she doesn’t really manage anything.)

I just think about how I was at 19, when I had a very similar job and like...I was always expected to suck it up and work my ass off. No one held my hand or babied me, so it’s super pissing me off on a personal level (I know it’s not personal that he’s a spoiled little shit, but this is my rant post lol) because GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER YOU LITTLE TURD, THIS IS NOT PLAY HOUR, YOU’RE ON COMPANY TIME. >:(

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