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i worry for the kids

I am into old punk. Ramones and the clash and the like. So I may have completely lost my shit when that MIA song came out and everyone talked about how she wrote a great hook because fuck you kid, that's Straight To Hell Boys.
Today I went to music class. We are covering AOR. Here is a sample of the artists they recognized: dolly parton and zeppelin. Fin.
Here is the list of things they had never heard of: the who, bowie, CCR, rush, and Marvin gaye.

It is possible that I have simply hit Cranky Old. But how is it possible to have lived the last 20 years and never have heard Fortunate Son? Have they stopped putting it in every war movie ever? Dropped it from the commercials? HOW HAVE YOU NEVET HEARD A BOWIE REFERENCE?


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