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Actually, I do think this might bother some people, but not sure how to make kinja hide the link. I think I did it? Anyway, I’m sure not discussing this on facebook.


For full disclosure, I have zero moral qualms about abortion, I do not think it is murder, and it is my backup plan if I get pregnant because I categorically do not want children. I support “abortion on demand.” I do get queasy about third trimester abortions, but it’s not like anyone does that for funsies.


Pray tell, what ARE we supposed to do with aborted fetuses?! You can’t use them for research. You can’t incinerate them. Should we bury every single one and hold a funeral each time?! If a hospital has a “waste to energy” setup, why wouldn’t use that for everything that’s incinerated?

I just read the article again; once you get past the sensationalized headline, oh, they’re actually upset about stillborn babies and parents not being consulted about use in waste to energy programs, you see. I would agree that if someone lost a child, they need to be thoroughly informed about what happens. But ok, if they truly “cremate” (just a nicer word), what do you suppose happens with the ashes?! If they don’t go back to the parents, that is. WHAT do these people want the hospitals to do?! I can get on board with giving ashes back to the parents (or the fetus itself), but the aborted fetuses.... AAAARGH.

And I need to go to work and the headline is making me so angry and I can no longer even.

I haven’t been around because while my new job is AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF, I don’t have my own desk or even computer, so I can’t really galavant around the internet. I’ll try to respond to comments on my phone, but discuss amongst yourselves!


Eta: I hope I don't come off as minimizing the grief of parents who miscarried. Ranting directed at aborted fetuses.

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