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So, mr. strange went home for the weekend, and the airline canceled his return flight. A lovely direct late morning flight that they then rebooked into a stupidly early flight with a stupidly timed layover. All after I said “well last time I flew on United I didn’t want to cut a bitch, so that’s the best you can ask for I guess!”

So this has renewed my panic about our flight to Hawaii this coming weekend. When we booked the flight a while ago, it asked us to pick seats. We got nice seats for the return flight. But for the flight there, there was only one seat available for selection on the entire plane. For two passengers. So we could only pick a seat for one of us and the other could not select a seat. My confirmation email is like: “Passenger A: seat 30G Passenger B: — “

What dafuq does this mean.

He thinks it means they intentionally overbooked the flight and the one without a seat is likely to get bumped. I have no idea what it means but told him to make sure to check in for the flight the second we can. This flight was something like $150/person less than all other options, which I was sideeyeing bigtime already. We both travel a lot and have never seen something like this.


So, is only one of us going to Hawaii then?

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