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I would like to thank the Patriots for keeping Octsober possible

If they had turned in a performance this week like last weeks against the Chiefs, I don't know if Octsober would still be happening.*

I had thrown over Gronk in favor of Edelman, but after tonight, I might go back to my first husband. Or maybe I'll just marry both. But Afro says I'm not allowed to come to her wedding with Gronk. Afro, will Edelman be acceptable?

Because... yum.


*Not really, but I fucking love football and last week was the WORST.

Also, seriously thank you to everyone for your supportive words when I first posted about Octsober. When I basically ask other people to hold me accountable, it makes it me so much more likely to stick to something. I'm one of those annoying people who posts about going on a run on facebook, because I feel like if I do and I stop people will judge me.

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