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Why we should believe children who talk about abuse (TW for child abuse)

In today’s article - I talk about an experience I had during Christmas dinner with some (very) extended family and their child who accused them of abuse:

Over Christmas dinner, a prison guard for the juvenile system , whom I am barely related to, spoke with pride and mixed anger about lulling his stepson into silence. Words about a 16 year old boy banned from Christmas dinner, banned from being around the family, because he had called child and family services to report abuse.

Everyone pitched in, and my partner and I (tertiary family invited to dinner out of pity) were stunned into silence. The boy was manipulative. A thief. A liar. He was all those things that liberate a parent from any responsibility in parenting.

Met with words in light of the investigation, the stepfather called the police. They were only too happy to side with him, much to the family’s amusement.

“Hey kid, looks like you’ve got a pretty great life here.”

And that was enough to make his stepson recant his report to CFS.

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