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Welcome To The Bitchery

I thought I was gonna ignore it, but my mind keeps going there.

I mentioned this issue a while back on GT. (I go on about a lot of things that bugged me) I was at a tech/health event and my team, composed of two women had problems with two men who volunteered for the organization kept interrupting our work to suggest a new idea. The goal was to make a new app for healthcare.


We wanted to do one for women ages 13 and up out of lego (I can’t draw and lego works really well for explaining things in a friendly way), and they kept wanting us to make it for children. Neither us know anything about children. And these two guys kept bothering us to make something for children. That we would know something about children. I guess because I have a uterus? or as I call it Frankenuterus. I was very polite, and said no, that wasn’t the goal, and literally they probably wasted an hour of our time, until I finally yelled at the most persistent of the two. That one even told another team we wanted to join their team and he tried to dissolve my team. Because he was concerned that the two of us wouldn’t be able to realize our project.

I sat on this for 8 weeks and finally sent a complaint to the organizer.

I’m actually gonna see the organizer in person tomorrow, so I’m a little nervous. At the same time, it was unacceptable to be treated that way.

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