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I wrote a letter to my representative

About people who call while driving. I think it's a nationwide problem and it needs to stop. Your password is not that important. Anyway, if you're interested in contacting your own local government about this here's what I wrote:

I work in phone-based customer service or IT support over the phone primarily for people throughout Los Angeles but also nationwide. Too often I receive phone calls from users who are clearly driving. While I understand that it is not illegal to be on a bluetooth or headset piece on the phone while driving, these customers are asking for a range of complicated information that they couldn't possibly be able to comprehend while driving carefully. There is just no way a person can write down their username and password while carefully obeying traffic laws on the road.

Now I know this doesn't seem like an urgent problem, but one of my greatest fears when I come into work is that somehow I will be an accessory to a fatal traffic accident because I am required by my employment to take their call.

What I am asking is for a law that allows those who work in customer service over the phone to refuse to speak to customers who are clearly driving. A law like this could possibly save lives and would make conditions on the road in Los Angeles a little safer.


There are employers who allow their reps to refuse to speak to someone if it's clear they're driving or seem to be a danger to their environment or something, but there is no law that gives us that ability, so if I end a call because I feel it is unsafe, I could get fired (I likely wouldn't but if this were a larger company like a cable company that could happen). It might be a formality, but at least I tried.

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