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I have a notebook peppered with very short little fairytales, and it's pretty much the only things I've written that have been completed. What do I do with them? Do I send out the individual stories to agents (I want to be Agented first before I whore myself out to publishers) or do I keep them all in a collection and send out a much bigger document?All my stories are really short when typed up, so I feel that I should have more to show, but they are all unrelated stories.Furthermore, is there even a market for fairytales that aren't Tale As Old As Time? I'm so confused! And frustrated! But also excited. I can honestly say that I am proud of my stories, and think someone can appreciate them, if not more than one person.That's all I ask for in my writing. I'm a bit too chicken to share my stories on GT, but I might post it on my very-neglected tumblr blog since lots of folks post their creative work there anyway.It's a new age, folks! Now you don't need to ghost write or intern to get your work out there! I, for one, am excited.


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