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IABCL #5: Everybody's 2nd Favorite DC Hero named "Green"

As part of my effort to become Comics Literate, I'm looking into the mainstream universes of DC and Marvel. The New 52 Green Lantern vol. 1: Sinestro is a good example of either how hard it is to dive right into such a universe or how it isn't really worth my time to do so.

Here's what I know about Green Lantern: Anybody can be picked by the ring to become a superhero with a stupid looking uniform and the power to do stuff in green. And something about "guarding" the "galaxy" or something. There's one named Hal Jordan plus a couple of other guys have been Green Lanterns. There's like a whole "corps" of them or something.

There's apparently some backstory I'm missing though, because at the start of this Hal Jordan is an Earthbound loser who can't pay his rent and Sinestro, who is purple and quite obviously evil — the writers rejected "Badguyo" and "Villainaro," I suppose — is being made a Green Lantern by these floating blue Yodas. This sets off a chain of events that makes no sense whatsoever.


Parts of it might make more sense if I understood the storyline better, but I don't think it would make a difference. None of the characters' actions make any sense at all in this volume. They all just float here and there doing dumb things that are obviously bad ideas with absolutely no idea that things will turn out badly. Sinestro, for example, is supposed to be some sort of evil genius. He's the kind of bad guy who thinks he's a hero, which is cool. But he sucks at both. Apparently, he had previously been a Green Lantern, but was then a Yellow Lantern and he assembled a team of evil monsters to become dictator of his home world, ultimately leaving it in the monsters' control. When he comes back to the planet as a Green Lantern, he's apparently surprised that the ARMY OF EVIL MONSTERS are treating the citizens of Sinestro's planet like crap, they attack him as a traitor when he shows up all green (and purple) and then the people of his homeworld aren't even grateful when their former dictator who handed them over to a bunch of fucking monsters shows up to save them from the aforementioned evil monsters. Meanwhile on Earth, Hal Jordan has been let go from the Corps for being incompetent — which, given their apparent standards, has got to be really bad — and can't get a job because he's also a shitty pilot and sucks at adulting. I can sympathize: I'm also not a very good pilot. And Sinestro recruits him to be his Green Lantern slave, because the ring can create other rings or something like that. Oh, and the Blue Yodas are up to no good and want to get rid of the Lanterns or something. I didn't understand that part. Or much of the rest of it, either.

I suppose it wasn't too bad to read, and it was pretty to look at, but nothing in it did anything to dissuade me from my evaluation of Green Lantern as everyone's 34th or 35th favorite superhero.

Grade: D (I really appreciate the effort you put in on this. However, you could use some improvements at not sucking)

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