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IBM's Attempt to Bring Back Its Sexist #HackAHairDryer Campaign Backfired Miserably

In the beginning of October, IBM launched #HackAHairDryer, a campaign designed to change attitudes toward women in tech and get more women involved in science, technology, engineering and math. The idea was to encourage women to find innovative new uses for everyday products, like hair dryers.

On Friday, IBM reintroduced #HackAHairDryer. This time, it got a big response — but not the one IBM was hoping for. On Twitter, users slammed IBM for latent sexism. The campaign seemed to say, “Hey, ladies! We know you love beauty products, so we used a product you can understand.”

“It missed the mark for some, and we apologize,” an IBM representative told Mic in an email. “It is being discontinued.”


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