According to The Rachel Maddow Show a woman who was separated from her children at the border was detained in Arizona whereas her three children were put in foster care in NYC. An NYC woman organized a campaign to pay the woman’s bond so she could be reunited with her three children. They raised more than 10 times the amount they needed to pay her bond.

However, the woman still needed to get to NYC, which with no US ID was impossible by plane and risky by bus or train. So the NYC woman arranged for rides for the woman all the way from AZ to NYC. She apparently recently arrived in NYC, but isn’t being allowed to see her kids tonight - but should be able to tomorrow.

However, she cannot take custody of her children - she needs a family member to do so. WTF?

It gets worse.

This system that this NYC woman created to pay bonds is now being thwarted by ICE. It used to be that asylum seekers with credible fear would be let out on $1500 bond - but Mother Jones is reporting today that bonds are possibly no longer going to be offered. This was just validated by an immigration lawyer in Austin.

Have you seen the video of the woman who was recently reunited with her little daughter - the little girl grabbed onto her mother and wouldn’t let go. The footage is heartbreaking. Apparently the little girl didn’t speak spanish and couldn’t communicate with anyone in her detention center. Here’s the story:


We cannot keep doing this to human beings. Please call your members of congress. We need our senators and representatives to end these inhumane practices. We also need them to reject any supreme court nominees — or at least delay until Mueller’s investigation is over, or until after the November elections (and then please vote, and vote blue).  They can do two things at once.