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Have you wondered? Just imagine if five nuclear bombs went off in the South Pole. Probably nothing. You would be wrong.


Icefire explores this scenerio. Webber and his Seal team search for supposed nuke in Ross Ice Shelf. At the same time his exgirlfriend Cory who is an environmentalist has a demonstration there trying to expose there are nukes.

Of course Webber finds one but his team has traitors. Webber escapes and goes to the nearest base also on the Ross shelf. His ex has been arrested and put on that base. Of course they survive.

At the end of each section there is a three to four page in italics what the wave does. The wave is a volition wave created by the nukes causing the South Pole volcano to explode and the nukes with volcano sends the Ross Shelf which is 300 ft deep to collapse.


This wave is hundreds of miles wide and each major island the wave gets to be 1800 ft plus. Even on mountains its worthless if that mountain is a dormant or semiactive volcano. Lots of volcanos blow up due to this wave.

The action scenes are taut. Cory and Webber meet the man who is former Soviet scientist who defected and given a new name. He teaches in Hawaii and gives them info on how to stop the wave.


The novel also jumps to Cheyenne Mountain with Sgt Bailey who first tries to figure out what’s happening then helps. Along with General Abbott who believes in going after the enemy is more important then stopping the wave.

It is 711 pages but it flies by. It starts on Thanksgiving and ends less then 40 hours later with millions dead from New Zealand to Hawaii and Japan.


I never heard of a volition wave so it may be created for the novel. The novel describes it as an energy wave.

Also this couple wrote earlier some good Star Trek novels and I believe ghost wrote the Shatnerverse books.

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