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For anybody not following the Euros, Iceland just knocked England out of the tournament 2 - 1, and are now the smallest country to ever reach a quarterfinal. And they are SO DAMN CHARMING.

This is Icelandic commentary from last week when Iceland scored a last minute goal against Austria (which I heard was their first ever win in a major competition although I’m trying to verify that and can’t WINNING THEIR FIRST MATCH IN A MAJOR TOURNAMENT EVER) and it is so joyful, it makes my heart grow 3 sizes every time I hear it.

And this is from the end of today’s match.I couldn’t find a better quality video, but my goodness does this make me feel things. Epic, anything is possible things. Watching Iceland has been an absolute joy.

(And for what it’s worth the England exiting Europe jokes have been on point.)


With apologies to any English fans who are feeling sad. My team is Spain, so I’m right there with you.

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