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I found this magazine and instantly thought of GT. Sarah Orne Jewett was a 19th century Maine writer and Annie Adams Fields was a Boston Socialite. They were companions, close friends and traveled together. The writer Henry James based two characters in The Bostonians on them. He knew both of them.

http://www.portlandmonthly.com/portmag/2016/11/desire-under-the-firs/Was The Bostonians good? I loooved his Turn of The Screw.

Boston marriage is a relationship between two women who are financially independent live together. Now this article implies a BM implies a lesbian relation. Other definitions describe it as can be unknown to asexual to lesbian relationship. Until I read the article I never heard of this phrase. Anyone? It seems to have died a century ago.


It appears in some literary areas Jewett is still popular. I never heard of her until this article. She seems utterly interesting.

Thooughts on article?

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