I do not do lawyer-speak well.

1) we have fuck it Friday, suck it Saturday, shut the fuck up Sunday, motherfucking mature Monday, and I made a post this morning re: terrible Twos-day. I would like to make this a thing, and Ossifrage has suggested names for the other days of the week on my post that I can't link from the mobile browser. Ossifrage also suggests the common tag of Groupweek. I am open to renaming Tuesday. Also, who wants to be the custodian of each day? Burt is Friday, but I don't remember who suggested the other two. I will take Monday, but somebody else do Tuesday? Two days is too much for me.

2) Better than Bunnies(TM) as our official metric of just how good something is. For example, I thought quashitlikeitshot's suggestions this morning were Better than Bunnies(TM).


ETA: The voting scheme, by quashitlikeitshot's suggestion, is now MBP's gif for yes


and NightcheeseNightman's gif for no.


And that brings us to:

3) This voting scheme will be used in future GroupVotes.