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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'd like to remind us all of a few things.

Remember when Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski stood against ACA repeal and Trumpcare/Wealthcare from the beginning and were shouted down, disowned by their own party, and physically threatened with violence from male colleagues?

Remember when John McCain decided at the last possible second to vote the right way, in the most self-aggrandizing way possible?


Remember when all the headlines the next day were about McCain’s brave move, how he saved Obamacare/healthcare in general and the maverick was back?

And remember how when some of us said that was bullshit, plenty of men were there to say “WELL ACTUALLY” and explain how McCain had done it in such a smart and tricky way that it would end the fight for good, at least in the context of the simple majority vote (which is the only way they can pass it)? And not everything is sexism and to calm our hysterical selves?



PS John McCain already supports this bill, fuck him forever. Call your Senators folks.

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