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i'd rather be sleeping...

but the stupid IV machine keeps having very loud fits over something or other, so i gave up. i'm nibbling at the applesauce and chocolate pudding, and sipping the (cold, meh) broth i had left from dinner, and reading away on GT, because i miss youse guyse!
i'm honestly torn between wanting to go home tomorrow and wanting to spend one more night here. here, there are noisy machines, and people gagging in the next room, and vampires coming in to draw blood every 12 hours, but at home there are children fighting, and no call button to get attention if i need help! i suppose it's not really up to me, anyway, the dr's will hash it out amongst themselves in the morning.
i'm very glad that the swelling has gone down considerably, and i can turn my head and hear out of my right ear again. i don't mind admitting that there was a very scary time period in there wherein it was suggested that the hearing loss may have been permanent! i'm a singer. that would not have been good.
thank you all again for your love and caring. i <3 you all.


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