New town, new start. New freelance career!

One of the best things about moving to a new place is deciding which parts of myself to leave behind in the old one. One of the worst is restarting, professionally.

That being said, I have a professional website which I maintain through one of those easy-to-do-because-I’m-a-dummy services like Wix and Weebly. Mine looks more than a little amateurish, although I suppose it’s better than the 1990s, flashing text, pre-MySpace stuff.

Can anybody recommend their favorite platform? Or any easy guide for non-programmers to improve slightly on the drag-n-drop? (I’d rather not send you to my website directly as it’s completely covered with my entire identity, etc.)

Alternate beg: I maybe have a scheme brewing to start teaching yoga at my house. I’d like to name it NamaSTAY or DownDog or something yoga/dog related and use a cartoon FluterPup as our mascot. I do not graphic design. Is there a cheapish program for dummies to do this, or are one of you super bored?

Determined to make this move go more smoothly than the last. Thanks in advance for your advice!