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Ideas for a morale boosting gift for my mother?

My mom has been stuck in the hospital for 5 days now, and honestly I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her this depressed. She went in last week for what was supposed to be an out patient back surgery, but apparently there was a tear in the spinal fluid sac which caused a spinal fluid leak and she has to lay flat on her back until it heals, which could be tomorrow or it could be in two week from now. Today she was allowed to sit up and it was looking good for her to go home tomorrow, but then fluid started leaking and she’s back flat on her back for the indefinite future.

So, I think that partly due to a lot of dashed expectations and partly because my mom is crazily, stubbornly independent and it galls her to be this dependent on people, she’s been sadder than I’ve ever seen her.


I’d love to do something for her, but considering the fact that she’s stuck on her back, I can’t figure out a good gift. Thoughts? She’s already got a lot of books and movies to see her through this, but she hasn’t really been that interested in them. I was kind of thinking of something beauty treatment-y to make her feel more like herself, but I can’t think of what I could do in that setting.

She has also dabbled in meditation in the past and I think it would be good if she could continue with that now, so if anyone can suggest a good meditation tape or something that might be good as well.

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