Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ideas for Discussion

So, mainly, we just hang out and shoot the shit here at GT, which is incredibly cool and so on. We give money to members who need it, and we support each other during emotional times. Sometimes, we act like poo-heads, and sometimes, we act like great people.

I started to wonder something, though, that, very stupidly I might add, never occurred to me before yesterday. What happens if one of us, or any one person in the forums, posts a “story” about an individual that is libelous, etc.? Who might get held accountable for that?


Second question: What would happen, for example, if someone took a forum and turned it into a more respectable version of the parent company, Gawker Media? If someone actually had writers who wrote completely original versions of a story always and who followed journalistic standards all the time? Would Denton even notice that was happening? Because the forums could be used for all sorts of things.

As an aside, here’s the code of ethics from NYU journalism school. I wish the staff at Gawker Media would read it, especially those sections about privacy and conflict of interest.



I know that, here on GT, a libelous post would be erased immediately. I have to wonder, though, about other forums. Where does Gawker Media responsibility begin and end?


For some reason, I did not equate our forums with something equivalent to Reddit, for instance, but really, they are, aren’t they?

Anyway, just some random thoughts. Dismiss them as idiotic if you like. I’m cool with that.

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