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Ideas for iron-rich diet

Hey guys, I need help from those of you who are skillful and creative in the kitchen. I have been fighting pretty bad sickness for almost a month now and while I’m basically back to normal, my anemia has kicked into high gear to the point where I’ve been having lots of a-fib. I’ve got iron supplements, but I really prefer not to have to take them because the side effects are not fun either.

So, do any of you have good recipe suggestions for ways that I can get more iron in my diet? I’d much rather remedy this through diet than with the supplements. The only tricky thing is that a lot of the foods I know are recommended are things that tend to be difficult for my husband to digest (he has Crohn’s). Stuff like dark greens and legumes really destroy his insides. Are we going to have to be eating a whole cow for me to do this? Help!


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