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ideas needed for a bookcase issue (and any other small bedroom storage advice is welcome).

As I have mentioned, my four bookcases were shattered in the move. Our landlord is letting me use his vintage bookcase. It’s a nice dark wood - a bit battered - but I like the dark wood. But the big issue is that it has one giant shelf space in the middle that doesn’t lend itself well to putting books in it (better for a large TV or something; see pic below). Does anyone have any creative ideas about how to make better use of the space? The boxes are a stopgap and don’t look good. Maybe if I replaced them with wood boxes (that would fit across the span of the case, that might be better. Anyone have other ideas?

edited to add: the books are staying. That’s non-negotiable. I already got rid of so many when I moved here -it was heartbreaking. No more. I am an academic and a researcher - I need books. There is no way to store any at school, so they have to stay here.

My other issue is that there is no built in closet, which is unfortunate. Instead there is a wardrobe - which takes up room space (the apartment they videotaped to show us had built in closets - and they were much bigger). This closet is ugly and narrow - it barely fits anything. It also has no shelves - so my underwear and pjs and stuff are still in boxes. Conceivably I could fit a small dresser in the room - but it is so small, and am packing so much in here. Although - if I found a narrow one that fit along the foot of my bed, that could be kind of nice ... hmmm.


For those of you with small spaces and small bedrooms, what are your storage innovations? I like things to look good, and right now, this is driving me insane.

Also, anyone in NYC have ideas of what I could do with the 5 boxes of psychology/psychotherapy/psychoanalysis books I can’t fit in my new apartment? :( I’ve posted them on a couple buy/sell pages on FB. I’d be happy to donate them to someone who wants them.

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