Over dinner last night, the fella and I were talking about different ideas and plans we have. Turns out, we're both ideas people that never have the money/resources/attention span long enough to follow through. He says his mom was a big ideas person as well, and would always get really bitter whenever she would see something advertised that she felt she thought of first.

I have one in particular that I would eventually like to Kickstarter, but I have to work on a prototype first to see just how feasible it would be. It involves cookies, but that's the only thing I will say! He also has a cookie based idea completely separate from mine. He better not steal my idea, because I promised not to steal his!

Do you have super secret ideas that you're too paranoid to tell people about, lest they steal it from you? Or have you ever thought of something you thought was clever and original, only to find out someone else as done it already?