Rambling ahead.

I’ve heard a lot from the deplorable side this election. One of their big “reasons” why they say we lost is because we care too much about “identity politics.” We call all the poor white folk racists, and all the men misogynists. And that doesn’t win us fans. We’re just being big meanies.

So now that it’s all over, I’m also hearing them say Trump won’t do anything he said he’d do. Again, perhaps this is because I live in an echo-chamber of people who speak honestly, and that’s why I don’t understand people who say one thing and do another. But ok, let’s say Trump isn’t going to do anything he said. Why are the deplorables still cheering him on?

I hear them saying we’re all overreacting crybabies. After all, stuff like not being murdered by police, not being deported, retaining the right to marry our spouses and the right to control our own bodies are simply niche issues that aren’t super important in the grand scheme of things. So we shouldn’t care. And anyway, he’s not going to do those things he said he’d do.

So why are they still happy about the results? Why isn’t Trump’s backing off from Obamacare causing them to riot in the streets? Isn’t undoing everything our black president did a GOOD thing?


Here’s where my sarcasm ends. This election was absolutely about identity politics. The deplorable identity. That’s why they don’t care about anything he’s done, or anything he’s saying now. They spent 8 years under a poised, rational, intelligent, and good-natured black man. This shattered their ideas of black men. FLOTUS shattered their hateful ideas of black women. And it pissed them off. The stereotypes of blackness they spent decades desperately trying to make stick just won’t anymore. And the infuriating part to me is this - they’ve always known black people were just as capable as whites. They just didn’t want to admit it at large. They just didn’t want the stereotypes to change. Because once this is destroyed, all we’re left with is the truth. White people are still racist. I know, “duh.” But a POC saying that is different from white people admitting to it. If they have to admit they are racist (despite all logic) they must admit they are bad people. This is why they wanted someone “like him” in the White House. It’s their big thing - they want desperately to prove that someone who says racist, sexist, and homophobic stuff is still a “good person.”

It is too soon to tell what Trump will really do. But we have hints that he’s drawing back his more loathed platforms. Because that’s what the racist whites want. They want people, at the end of his term, to look at him as a “good guy.” Cause it validates their attitudes.


More than anything else - the deplorables want their shitty attitudes and thoughts validated.

Here’s my prediction - it won’t work. Trump has Pence and all the other corporate-loving Republicans behind him. They want their shit done. They’ve wanted it for decades and no way a reality TV star is gonna get in their way. So what I think is going to happen...as soon as Trump enters office...we’re going to see something happen. Something bad, or maybe something not that bad but it’ll just be reported on as bad. Either way, we won’t be able to turn the news on without hearing about it.


Basically, it’s going to be Bush again. Fear-mongering will return. A common enemy will be named (we already have plenty to choose from), and the republicans will use that to keep Americans scared and docile.

Anytime a liberal wants to fight against these backwards policies, we’ll get shouted down and called traitors for caring about anything else besides beating this common enemy.


These are my random thoughts. Sorry for being inarticulate.

I’ve drank for four days, guys. I think I may stop today just so I can savor the last days of Obama. That’s the only thing making me feel better lately. That this shit won’t happen until January.